System Name Prithvi
Site NameIndian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
DepartmentMinistry of Earth Sciences

VendorIBM Corp. (IBM Corp.), HCL (Bidder)
Installation DateOctober 17, 2011

ApplicationWeather and Climate research
Rank in Top500221 June 2011 list


Description Prithvi HPC is built on IBM P6 575 nodes totaling 117 numbers including 4 GPFS nodes and 3 Login nodes. Each node is populated with 32 cores of IBM P 6 CPU running at 4.7 G Hz. The total number of cores works to 3744 cores.
The Prithvi HPC has Interconnectivity using Infiniband Switches and Ethernet switches for Management purposes.
15.34 TB total memory.
Total of 2800 TB of  IBM DS Storage  including Online, Nearline and Archival Storage. The cluster also has GPFS and other Managment SW.
NetworkInfiniband 4X primary interconnect and a Gigabit secondary interconnect connected through Silver Strom, Qlogic, Cisco switches
NodeIBM P 575 node with 32 cores of Power 6 processors running at 4.7 GHz. Each node has 4 MCM modules in four sockets, thus totaling 16 modules/sockets per node. Each socket houses a dual core processor, constituting 32 cores per node. AIX operating system. 131 GB RAM, 2x146 GB secondary storage per node
L1 cache32 KB
L2 cache36 MB per socket
Power70 KVA Rated and Actual Power for the entire rack
CoolingEnclosed air/ water cooling with Chilled inlet water supply/return
Foot Print 4 sq. feet for a node


DescriptionHPL Linpack Test for IBM Power6-575 @ 4.7GHz w/Infiniband
Nmax 880000
Compiler Used XLF IBM compiler with -O3, -qarch=power6 compiler options

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