System Name HP Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c
Site Name CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute (CSIR-4PI), R&D Lab under Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
Department High Performance Computing
City Bangalore
State Karnataka

Vendor HP/HCL
Installation Date May 11, 2012
Weather and Climate Research
Remarks Ranked 58th in June 2012 Top500 List


Description HP Cluster Platform 3000 BL460 Gen8 servers with 1088 nodes, 17408 cores, 71 Terabytes of total memory, w/Infiniband FDR, fully non-blocking FAT tree. 2.15 PB Usable Capacity, Lustre Parallel File System based on 2 x SFA10000, Data Direct Networks.
Network FDR Infiniband primary interconnect connected through Mellanox Infiniband switch and Gigabit Ethernet secondary interconnect connected through HP Gigabit switch
Node Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 eight core processor at 2.6 GHz with Linux OS, 65.5 GB RAM and 300 GB storage.
Power 496 KWatts Rated power and 386.5 Kwatts average power for the entire system
Cooling Enclosed air/ water. Rear Door Heat Exchangers supported by chilled water
Foot Print 300 sq. feet


Description The HPL benchmark was run on 1088 nodes (17408 cores) at CSIR-4PI in turbo-on mode.
Nmax 2712832
Compiler Intel ifort 13.0.1 with -O3 option, BLAS Intel MKL