System Name Agastya
Site Name IIT, Jammu
Department Central Computing and Communication Infrastructure (C3I)
City Jammu
State Jammu and Kashmir

Vendor Netweb Technologies India Pvt Ltd
Application General


Description The Supercomputer Agastya is based on a hybrid configuration of Intel Xeon Cascade Lake Gold 6248 20C, 2.5GHz Processors and NVIDIA Tesla V100. The system was designed with total peak computing capacity of 256 TFLOPS on CPU and 56 TFLOPS on GPU performance. The system uses the Lustre parallel file system of 795TB usable storage with 30 GB/Sec write throughput. The Internetworking is done via High Speed Low Latency Infiniband Architecture Mellanox HDR100 100Gbps using fat-tree topology configured as a 100% non-blocking network.
Network Mellanox EDR


Description High Performance Linpack