System Name EKA Supercomputer
Site NameEKA Supercomputing Facility
DepartmentTata Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
VendorHP (OEM and Bidder)
Remarks Ranked 4th in November 2007 Top 500 List.
DescriptionThe EKA supercomputer is a Linux based cluster which uses most of the proven opensource cluster tools. EKA uses C7000 enclosures with 16 nos of BL460c blades populated and connected through 4X DDR Infiniband interconnect, this uses most efficient routing algorithms developed by CRL.

HP Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c, 1800 nodes, 14400 cores, 29.5 TB total memory, 80 TB total storage based on HP SFS (Lustre based) storage system with 5.2 GB per second throughput, RedHat Linux operating system.

NetworkInfiniband 4X DDR primary interconnect (20 Gbps) with Voltaire switch, Multiple networks of Gigabit Ethernet secondary interconnect
Nodedual Intel Xeon quad core E5365(Clovertown) (3 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB) processor sockets, 16 GB RAM, 73 GB
L1 cache128KB
L2 cache8MB per Processor
Power1100 KWatts Rated Power per Unit, 0.613 KWatts Average Power per Unit
Cooling250 Tonnes Direct Expansion System(DX) with Chiller Plant
Foot Print 4000 sq. feet
DescriptionThe Linpack run went through for 10 Hours duration using 1798 compute nodes, 14384 cores, using Intel MPI Compilers and Libraries
Nmax 1850000
Nhalf 250000
MPI used Intel MPI
Compiler Used Intel Compilers