System Name Param Yuva
Site Name Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC).
Department National Param Supercomputing Facility
State Maharashtra
Vendor HP (OEM and Bidder)
Installation Date 03-NOV-2008
DescriptionPARAM 54tf, 288 nodes, 4608 cores, 64 GB memory per node, 438 GB storage per node, RHEL operating system
NetworkInfiniband primary interconnect, Gigabit Ethernet secondary interconnect
Nodequad Intel Xeon (Tigerton) Processor quad-core 73xx 2.933 GHz processor sockets, 64 GB RAM, 438 GB storage
Power1 MW Rated power for the entire system
CoolingRoom air
Foot Print5000 sq. feet
DescriptionHPLinpack 1.0a was compiled with INTEL MPI and compiler and executed on 4576 processors with
Rmax38.1 TFlops
RPeak53.63 TFlops